Is Your Pool Electrically Ready For Summer?

With Memorial Day a week away, the unofficial start of Summer 2017 is upon us. That means the roughly 10.4 million residential pools in The United States will be opening.

Aside from the cleaning, and chemical treatments, there is one important step in pool opening that is often overlooked. Your pool’s electrical system. Depending on the age of your pool, what was code then, may no longer be code complaint now. That does not mean the township code enforcer will red tag your pool for the summer season. It does, however mean that you could be inadvertently subjecting yourself, family, and guests to a potentially hazardous situation.

Weather you have an in-ground, above ground, inflatable pool, or hot tub, all of the electrical requirements can be found in the National Electrical Code under Article 680. Those 16 pages can be tough to wade through if you are not sure what you are looking for. Some highlights are:

  • Receptacles for pump motors or any other equipment associated with water circulation and sanitation shall be located at least 10′ from the inside walls of the pool, or not less than 6′ if they are single GFCI protected locking type.
  • All 15 amp and 20 amp single phase 125 volt receptacles located within 20′ of the inside walls of the pool shall be GFCI protected.
  • Equipotential bonding is installed to reduce voltage gradients in the pool area. A solid #8 copper bonding jumper shall surround the perimeter of the pool and include all pool equipment, metal fittings, metallic components (think ladders), underwater lighting, and a conductive surface measuring nine square inches that is in direct contact with the pool water. pool-wiring-and-shock-prevention-NipperElectric

To be certain your pool is ready for Summer 2017, give Hawke Elctrical, Inc. a call and we will give you an onsite electrical evaluation of your pool. We can provide solutions for any safety concerns you may have, and for ones you may not be aware of. Don’t spend the summer second guessing your pools electrical safety. Call Hawke Electrical, Inc. today and spend the rest of your summer enjoying your pool!




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