Add Some Curb Appeal With New Lighting at Your Front Door

Your front door can leave a lasting impression on visitors to your home. The right fixture can create a welcoming environment for both you and your guests.

When dealing with the front door, symmetry is key. An even balance of light will give your entrance the “red carpet” effect. To make a bold statement, select a larger sconce. If you have side doors or garage doors that are visible from the street, you can install the same sconce design in a smaller size to make your front door the focal point. Most lighting manufactures, such as Progress Lighting and Kichler, offer the same exact sconce in two to three distinct sizes. front door 

For those of you who have an arched overhang at your front door, a chain supported hanging pendant is the way to go. If the overhang is flat, you could choose a decorative surface mounted fixture. If height clearance is an issue, a recessed light can give adequate lighting at your entrance. traditional-exterior

When combined with a post light, and landscape lighting, the right fixture at your front door can create the perfect outdoor scene. Sufficient exterior lighting will enhance your home’s safety and security as well. home-night-lighting

You don’t have to take my word for it. Drive around any residential area at night and take notice of what homes are well lit. The curb appeal of exterior lighting can make your home the “it” house on the block. We spend copious amounts of time and effort to beautify our homes interior. Why stop there? Start bringing your style outside with new lighting fixtures at your front door!


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