5 Electrical Upgrades to Spend Your Income Tax Refund On

Today is the deadline to file your federal income taxes for 2016. In honor of tax day, we’ve compiled a list of 5 electrical upgrades to spend your tax refund on. These improvements can enhance your homes’ appearance, as well as your overall quality of life.

1. Standby Generator

No single upgrade will make as big an impact to your quality of life as installing an automatic standby generator. Imagine never worrying about loosing power again? You can buy a basic unit to cover heating, refrigeration, and sump pumps, or a whole house unit to cover all of your electrical loads, even central air!standby-generator

2. Whole House Surge Protector

Walk into any home and you will likely find surge protectors behind every TV and computer. What about your fridge, dishwasher, dryer, and microwave? A whole house surge protector is installed at your main service panel and will protect all of your expensive electrical appliances.CHSPT2ULTRA

3. Ceiling Fans

Installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom will make your room more comfortable year round. In the summer, a fan delivers a refreshing breeze to keep the room comfortable and cool. Change the rotation of the fan in the winter, and the fan will push down the hot air as it rises to evenly warm the space. You can definitely utilize your ceiling fan 365 days a year!ceiling fan

4. Attic Fan

An attic fan is an often overlooked component to your home cooling system. Without ventilation, your attic will trap hot air above your home, causing your air conditioning to work twice as hard. An attic fan will force that air out, resulting in lower electric bills during the summer months.atticventilation-1

5. Landscape Lighting

With summer right around the corner, we are about to be spending a lot more time outside. Why not add some landscape lighting to show off your home’s landscape and exterior. Landscape lighting will add to your home’s curb appeal, in addition to providing an added level of security.landscape lighting


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