Enhance Your Bathroom Experience With These Inexpensive Lighting Upgrades

According to a recent study, the average amount of time a man spends in the bathroom is 856 days over the course of his life. Women are slightly less, at 770 days. With all that time spent in the bathroom, why not upgrade your bathroom lighting to improve your bathroom experience. 

New lighting can dramatically change the dynamics of your bathroom without the need for a complete remodel. Not only will a new fixture change the appearance of the room, but the right light will aid in daily tasks as well.

Let’s start with the vanity. Properly designed lighting will make tasks such as shaving and applying make up much easier. If you only have overhead lighting, you will cast a shadow while standing at the mirror. Add a sconce on each side, and you will eliminate those shadows and illuminate your face. The size of the sconces should be proportionate to the size of the mirror and the bathroom itself.shower

Another situation I see is a bathroom having only a light at the vanity. When you pull closed an opaque shower curtain, you are taking a shower in the dark. The solution? Recessed lighting. A 5″ recessed light with a water tight lens will provide plenty of light for bathing and shaving. It is code complaint, and will make a world of difference in a dark shower.

There are numerous other lighting options that will change the complexion and functionality of your bathroom. A new “whisper quiet” exhaust fan, a recessed light fan, or a chandelier (code permitting) will all drastically change your bathroom, and how you use it. Now that your lighting is upgraded, we can upgrade your controls. Dimmer switches for your lights, and count down timers or humidity sensors for your exhaust fans will put the finishing touches on your lighting upgrades.bath2

If you live in South Eastern Pennsylvania, and you are tired of your dark, depressing, bathroom, give Hawke Electrical, Inc. a call. One of our trained technicians will come out and give you ideas on how to brighten your bathroom. Better yet, stop in our showroom and see our display bathroom vanities and see for yourself what the appropriate lighting can do for you. We can also point you in the direction of what fixtures to use from our preferred vendors. Let Hawke Electrical, Inc. be your one stop shop for your bathroom lighting upgrades!


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