Save Time and Money With LED Flood Lights

Spring is here, bringing with it longer days and shorter nights. Warm summer evenings are right around the corner. Install LED Flood lights now, so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living space!

We have all been there. The first warm night of the season is here and you decide to cook dinner on the grill. The problem? It’s hard to grill and hold a flashlight at the same time. Whether your old halogen flood lights have burned out, again, or you never had flood lights in the first place, now is the perfect time to redo your flood lights for the summer.

Nobody looks forward to dragging out the extension ladder to change flood lights. You are lucky to get one calendar year of life out of a typical halogen flood bulb. A typical LED Flood light boasts a life span over 25,000 hours, which equates to 22 years. Imagine not having to drag out that extension ladder for the next two decades?

Your old halogen bulbs use anywhere from 150 to 90 watts. That consumption adds up quick on your monthly electric bill. LED flood lights use less than 15 watts for the same amount of light. That means each LED bulb will cost you less than $2 a year. The efficiency of LED technology is not just green friendly for the environment, but green friendly for your wallet as well!

Not sure what LED option is right for you, or need to install new flood fixtures all together? Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable and friendly technicians will be happy to give you an evaluation. Summer nights are meant to be enjoyed outside under the inviting glow of LED lighting. Let this summer be remembered as the one you could grill with two hands, and forget about changing flood lights for a long, long time!


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